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Many of you know that one of our most tried and true “beauty tips” for younger looking skin here at Southern Beauty is sleeping on a satin pillowcase.  Well, Girls, I think I have now found a pillowcase …

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Submitted by on Saturday, 13 June 20092 Comments

dianah-150x150-avatarSpeakers and authors that talk of hearing from God have always caused anxiety for me. I guess it is because that concept has always felt so foreign to me. Of course, I read my Bible and I hear sermons that I feel instruct me, but this sort of actual “hearing” from God has not been my personal experience. I think I have just considered myself a “second-class Christian” (as if there were such a thing). I chalked the silence up to my less than perfect past and surmised that God probably only speaks to really good girls (and boys). Not to say that I was content with that, but it just seemed to be the way it was. I was just thankful to be saved- who was I to demand more? But in my heart of hearts, I certainly have longed to hear. When I studied about the Israelites in the old testament and heard the tangible way God guided them, I wanted that. I have even wondered if God could hear me, since I didn’t seem to be able to hear Him. I was reading a book by Beth Moore when a something she said made me think about this “presumed silence” on God’s part. She described an incident at an airport where she knew God was telling her to do something. It was something ridiculously specific. I admit I rolled my eyes inwardly at yet another heartwarming account of hearing directly from God, being “led” if you will, yada, yada, yada… But then another thought came just as quickly. A less sarcarstic thought. Have I misunderstood? I know I have felt prompted to do things before, which is what she was describing, and yet many times, most times, I have just brushed it off as a random thought. Was that God? Has He has tried to prompt me time and again and I was to dull to sense it? As one with lots of random thoughts going through my head at any given time, I realized that this was entirely possible.

The verification came a few weeks later as I was chatting with a complete stranger. I felt prompted, a “nudge” (for lack of a better term). I almost passed over it-typical Dianah fashion, but my mind screamed “Wait- this is it, I think! This is God talking!” You may think it is quite possible that what I am attributing to God was in reality my very own. And I have struggled with that possibility too but the fact that it was absolutely counter to what I would have done or wanted to do makes me know otherwise. As a matter of fact, when I felt God prompting me, I was thinking to myself, really- how on earth I am supposed to work that into this conversation- this off-handed, waiting for the next bus to arrive, chatting to pass the time conversation at Disneyworld for goodness sake! But I listened and acting on faith, I tried to be obedient. I did what I believed God was asking me to do and decided to let Him handle the rest. I have always felt that you miss God’s best when you don’t do what He asks- I just never felt that He asked me. Does this resonate with you? If so, have you misunderstood too?

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  • CharleneE says:

    Fantastic post. I too, am a very flawed Christian. After all, with a website like I often find myself apologizing for my domain name in certain circles. (Website posted for illustration…not marketing purposes, I promise! I don’t sell anything on my site. :) )

    I have repeatedly said at Bible study that it would be so much easier if God would simply talk to us like he did to Moses…set a bush on fire occasionally or SOMETHING! However, I am very fortunate to have discovered what you did, that if we stop and think about it, he talks to us all the time…perhaps not audibly, but it a way that only God can. I believe in purposeful, spiritual-related serendipity rather than random coincidences. He has his hand in everything. And while he will occasionally let go of our shoulders and let us trip and fall occasionally, he is always right there to help pick us back up and dust us off.

    Wow, I didn’t expect to ramble on like that. Hmmm, maybe it was God! Hee hee. Have a blessed day.

    • dianah says:

      Dear Charlene,
      Thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and I must say- well said! I especially love the phrase “spiritual-related serendipity” and think I will adopt that belief as well. Your website intrigues me and I will go and visit :)

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